Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting Serious Now!

This blog now takes the form of daily resources for building a business you can work from home. Tips, techniques and how to's for you from training I've absorbed from the Freedom at Home Team [FAHT] of Ameriplan and a business life that was never separate from information technology. The FAHT is an amazing organization started by Janie Jones in 2003. As of November 2009, it is one of nine marketing teams in Ameriplan, but FAHT accounts for 60% of Ameriplan's current business!

Janie's husband Michael started their blog here at eblogger as "Janie's Work From Home Blog." Like Loyal's Son, it's a work in progress, but without Michael's "Blogs, Articles and E-Books," we'd probably still be researching with far less progress.

So, it seems apropos that tomorrow's post will describe branding your business as derived from your mission. I'm blogging here to serve men and women over 50 who want to use the internet to build a business from home. A wonderful, compelling dream of financial freedom, but chock full of challenges to get 'off the ground.'

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