Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There are gifts and then, there are GIFTS!

I happen to be married to one of the finest gift givers on the planet. It's an art form. She gives very, very thoughtfully - gifts that touch the individual by virtue of how well she has listened to her/him. She finds The Gift to fit the individual.

While marketing our programs, services or products from our home-based businesses, we have a better chance to give GIFTS, instead of gifts. Let's commit to enhancing our listening and observing skills. Your business is NOT for everyone, so let's give those folks the Gift of Understanding. We can speak 'from the heart' with an "I understand. Thanks for considering it." Let's not 'make them wrong' for choosing not to join us - not even in your head, okay? Be generous of spirit. Can do?

Now, how about those who are interested in our business, but not yet committed? The Gift of Listening Well, seems especially appropriate. What is her Strength? What is his Need? What is her/his "Why?" The Gift of Listening Well means you speak to the emotion 'under' or 'behind' what their words to you. It's like the old AT&T slogan, "Reach Out and Touch Someone." It's a great Gift. You've received it, haven't you?

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